When I was young, I turned to philosophy to answer questions that I had about life and

meaning.   I found that the more I read, however, the more the answers eluded me.    The

meaning of life seemed to slip through my fingers; or rather, through the words on the


Now, in photography, I am grateful to have a medium in which to show something

about life—not in grand terms, but as it is really lived by all of us.  My photographs are

unposed, unrehearsed, and unplanned, much as life is.    My aim is still a bit lofty: to

show how a moment captured in a photographic image can depict a universal truth.  

—a truth that reveals an aspect of the human condition.

So, in photography,  I have come back to the questions of my youth.  And, oddly enough,

I find the answers right in front of me—in a moment of life captured in a photographic

image.   "This is life," the image says.   "And, this too is life,’ says another


Instead of seeking  answers to the great metaphysical questions, such as,  “What is the

Meaning of Life?”  we should look to the way life is lived; to the little moments of

interaction between people; between parents and children, between friends, between

strangers, between lovers.   That is where meaning lies.





Note:   If you are in one of the photos on this site, and I have not already sent you your photo, please send me an email detailing the gallery you are in and something that will help me clearly identify you--your clothes or what you are doing, and I will be happy to send you your photo.




Photography Awards


All Florida 2013.   Title: “Effaced”


IPA International Photography Awards.   2014

First place: People.      Title: “Mother and Son”

Four Honorable Mentions:

      People-Children.   Title: “Despair”

      People-Culture      Title: “Trip to Nowhere”

      Fine Art-Abstract.  Title” “Underworld”


IPA  2015 Honorable Mention

One Shot: Home.          Title: “Look at Me!”


IPA 2016. Honorable Mention:

People: Culture   Title: “Processions of Semana Santa”


IPA 2018:  Honorable Mention.

Editorial Photo Essay and Feature Story.    Title: Haiti: Images of Hope and Despair”


Camera USA.   2016

Nominee.   Title: “Effaced”


Camera USA    2017

             Nominee.    Title: “The Outsider


New York Center for Photography.  2018

First Places: Urban

Honorable Mention: People


Spyder Awards.   2020

Nominee: People


International Color Awards.  2020

Honorable Mention: Silhouette

Nominee:  Children of the World,

Nominee: People (2)

Nominee: Aerial

Nominee: Architecture

Nominee: Americana,

Nominee: Fine Art

Nominee: Still Life


International Color Awards: 2021

Nominee:  People


Spyder Awards 16th Annual.  2021

Honorable Mention: Abstract.  “Geometrica”

Honorable Mention: Children of the World. “Flight of Fancy”

Honorable Mention: Still Life. “Bare Minimum”

Nominee: Fine Art: “A Time of Uncertainty”

Nominee: Silhouette: “Tuscan Landscape”


BRIC Boca Museum of Fine Arts.  2021

3 Entries Selected for Exhibition


“A New World”

“The City Awaits”


International Color Awards. 2021

Honorable Mention: Silhouette: "A Child will Show Us the Way"

Honorable Mention: Still Life: "Red Sofa"

Nominee: Aerial: "The Empty Room"

Nominee: Americana: "Shoppers in the Time of Covid"


International Color Awards 2022

3rd Place-Honor of Distinction: People: "Youth, and Age"

Honorable Mention: People: "A Lesson on the Subway"