When I was young, I used to feel that my medium was language.  I studied philosophy intently and wrote.  But I came to feel that I was just talking about life.  I also came to feel that traditional philosophy had run its course.

Then, I spent the better part of my life just living it, as anyone would.

Now, I am grateful to have in photography a medium in which, once again, to show something about life;--not in grand terms, but as it's really lived. By anyone.  By any of us.


Note:   If you are in one of the photos on this site, and I have not already sent you your photo, please send me an email detailing the gallery you are in and something that will help me clearly identify you--your clothes or what you are doing, and I will be happy to send you your photo.


P.S.  I would love to read everyone's comments, but I'm afraid I am only proficient in English.   



Photography Awards


All Florida 2013.   Title: “Effaced”


IPA International Photography Awards.   2014

First place: People.      Title: “Mother and Son”

Four Honorable Mentions:

      People-Children.   Title: “Despair”

      People-Culture      Title: “Trip to Nowhere”

      Fine Art-Abstract.  Title” “Underworld”


IPA  2015 Honorable Mention

One Shot: Home.          Title: “Look at Me!”


IPA 2016. Honorable Mention:

People: Culture   Title: “Processions of Semana Santa”


IPA 2018:  Honorable Mention.

Editorial Photo Essay and Feature Story.    Title: Haiti: Images of Hope and Despair”


Camera USA.   2016

Nominee.   Title: “Effaced”


Camera USA    2017

             Nominee.    Title: “The Outsider


New York Center for Photography.  2018

First Places: Urban

Honorable Mention: People


Spyder Awards.   2020

Nominee: People


International Color Awards.  2020

Honorable Mention: Silhouette

Nominee:  Children of the World,

Nominee: People (2)

Nominee: Aerial

Nominee: Architecture

Nominee: Americana,

Nominee: Fine Art

Nominee: Still Life


International Color Awards: 2021

Nominee:  People


Spyder Awards 16th Annual.  2021

Honorable Mention: Abstract.  “Geometrica”

Honorable Mention: Children of the World. “Flight of Fancy”

Honorable Mention: Still Life. “Bare Minimum”

Nominee: Fine Art: “A Time of Uncertainty”

Nominee: Silhouette: “Tuscan Landscape”


BRIC Boca Museum of Fine Arts.  2021

3 Entries Selected for Exhibition


“A New World”

“The City Awaits”